Electrical Tips for a Brand-New Homeowner

A lot of new responsibilities come with buying your first home. Most importantly, you must learn how to keep your house, your family and yourself, safe at all times. A big part of that is figuring out a few key habits to get into when it comes to your home’s electrical system! Here are six simple, but incredibly important, safety tips to help prevent significant issues from happening while you’re enjoying your new space!

  • Complete a Full Inspection of Your Electrical System

Whether you’re moving into an old fixer-upper or a brand-new build, having a reputable electrician conduct an inspection is the first step in making sure your home is safe. This is more in-depth than the simple check that you may get before closing, but it’s still quick, and can help prevent serious and costly issues in the future! More importantly, it keeps you and your home safe!

  • Protect Your Little Ones

If you have young children, pay attention to unused wall outlets immediately. Protective guards can be placed in or over outlets, and they’re inexpensive. If you don’t have any on hand, use furniture to temporarily block any outlets within a child’s reach until you can get a more permanent solution!

  • Cut the Power

It may be common knowledge to some, but it’s incredibly important to turn off the power to your home at your circuit breaker box before working on anything electrical! This will keep you safe when trying to fix any problems you might run into as a homeowner. No, that does not include changing a light bulb.

  • Know Your Electrical Limits

Many small tasks can be an easy DIY (do it yourself) project with a bit of googling, but electricians exist for a reason. Know what you can and cannot handle and think about your level of experience! If you’re diving into something you’ve never done before, such as installing GFCIs, it’s a good idea to call a certified electrician.

  • Damaged Cords Can Harm Your Health

Getting into the habit of checking cords for fraying or visible damage can be lifesaving, literally. Sometimes electrical cords can even be crushed under furniture, which could cause fires.

This goes for extension cords, too! Whether they are in the garage or in your office, they pose a threat to you and your home. If you find yourself always needing an extension cord, you may not have enough outlets in your home. Call a certified electrician to install electrical outlets anywhere you might need them to reduce the risk of fire or damage caused by overusing extension cords.

  • Fuses and Breakers

There are a lot of reasons for a blown fuse or tripped breaker, but there are some simple steps to take if it happens. First, turn off any lights and appliances that are on that circuit. That means you’ll need a flashlight. For a tripped breaker, find your circuit box and search for the breaker that’s turned off, then simply flip it on. For a blown fuse, you’ll need an identical fuse of the same rating before attempting to replace it. And that’s only if you feel prepared to do so. If not, or if this is your first time, you may want to call a professional certified electrician to handle this one for you.

In our 20 years, we have helped thousands of families and new homeowners with everything ranging from home inspections to entire circuit board replacements. If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, or if you just need an expert opinion, we’ve got you covered. Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time, but when it comes to electrical maintenance, repairs or installations, safety should always be your top priority!

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