Preparing Your Home’s Electric For Winter

An Indianapolis electrician’s tips to prepare your home for the chilly Indiana winter

With the arrival of the beautiful fall foliage, football season, and hay rides, we know that winter is just around the corner. Our lawn mowers and trimmers will soon be replaced snow blowers and shovels. The average first snowfall in Indianapolis is usually in November, although it’s been recorded as early as October. It’s important to prepare our homes for the coming snow and ice so we don’t experience any problems while we’re doing more important things, like sipping eggnog by the fire. Here are a few tips from an Indianapolis electrician for preparing your home for winter.

Check all equipment cords for any signs of wear or damage.

Replace any cords that have outward signs of damage, cords that are too short or loose, and cords that feel hot to the touch. Worn extension cords are the cause of roughly 3,300 house fires each year. Keeping tabs on the condition of these cords can keep you and your home out of harm’s way during the chilly winter months.

Sweep leaves away from all outdoor lighting systems and power outlets.

Build up of leaves through the fall and winter can not only make outdoor lights and power outlets difficult to locate when you need them, but it can cause outlets to become clogged with dirt and debris, posing a safety hazard. One easy way to ensure your outdoor outlets and lighting systems are ready for use is to keep them clear of leaves and other debris.

Ensure all cords used outside are rated for outdoor use.

If you’re using a cord outside, whether it’s connected to your leaf blower or a string of holiday lights, always be sure you’re using one that’s marked for outdoor use. Outdoor cords are usually orange, yellow, or green. Indoor cords used outside may become a shock or fire hazard.

Prep your lights.

The shorter days and longer nights mean our lights are working overtime. Keeping those lights on for longer periods of time brings higher electric bills. You can cut costs by installing energy-saving lightbulbs to light the pathway outdoors, provide light indoors, and even for use with holiday lighting.

Invest in a backup generator.

When the power goes out during the summer months, the worst you can expect is a few more cookouts and some warm nights. During the winter months, though, living with no power can be downright dangerous. The average low temperature in Indianapolis during the month of January is just over 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a backup generator before the cold sets in can ensure you’ll still have lights and heat if the power goes out in your neighborhood.

Handle electricity projects now.

If you have a few things on your to-do list, now is the time to check them off. It’s much easier to handle electrical problems before the snow falls, than to try to battle the cold later. Plus, you can settle in for the winter and rest easy, knowing that your home is ready for the coming months.

Have a licensed Indianapolis electrician check your equipment.

Whether you want to have a backup generator installed or are seeking electrical service checks, Grounded Solutions is the Indiana authority for residential and commercial electrical needs. If it runs on electricity, we can handle it! With our years of experience, focus on customer service, and highly trained electricians, your winter to-do list just got shorter. Give us a call to prep your home for winter today!  Contact Us

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