4 Simple Electrical Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Office More Productive

With more employers giving the option for part- or full-time remote work, working from home is the new common way of life. There are perks included with doing your job at home—no commute, wearing comfortable clothes and not having to smell your cubical neighbor’s lunch are a few —but if you aren’t properly set-up, working from home can be challenging and stressful.

The key to productively working from home is having a workspace that’s actually workable. An adequately sized desk, large monitor, and comfortable chair are a few of the necessities that make your remote work journey less bumpy, but there are other home office upgrades that you probably haven’t considered that can make a positive difference.

Have no fear! We’ve made a list of four simple electrical updates you can integrate into your home office to level it up.

Office Lighting

Ensuring that you have the proper amount of lighting in key areas can reduce strain on your eyes and enhance the ambiance of your office. Overhead fixtures allow for maximum light throughout the room and adding lamps in specific spots offers controllable light right where you need it. When making office lighting upgrades, consider switching to LED bulbs as LED lighting fixtures use less electricity and produce less heat, saving you energy and money.

Surge Protectors or Power Conditioners

To keep your high-powered tech from damaging your electrical system, add a power conditioner to your office. Power conditioners smooth out voltage fluctuations to prevent power surges. If you’re interested in power conditioners or surge protectors, contact a skilled electrician who can advise on what type of device is best suited for your home office setup.

Electrical Outlets

Another way to elevate your home office productivity is to get rid of all the cords at your feet. Depending on their location, extensions cords can be hindering instead of helpful. Adding additional electrical outlets in your home office can combat your tangled mess of cords.

Electric Panel Enhancement

If you’re using a large amount of power to keep your home office humming, it might be time for an electrical panel upgrade. This can help you get more power to your home so you’re not constantly suffering from outages. Having dedicated power for your office can also reduce power strains in other areas of your home.

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If your goal is to be more productive when working from home, Grounded Solutions is here to provide efficient and effective electrical upgrades that will make your office work better for you. Reach out to us today to get reliable service and to ensure your office is equipped to meet your needs.

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