Electrical Contractor Holiday Lighting Tips

Tips from an Indiana Electrical Contractor to keep your joy lasting all season long

Even Clark Griswold knows that installing holiday lighting can be a great way to “brighten” your season, but Clark’s approach might not have been (ok, definitely wasn’t) the best. Here are a few tips from a licensed electrical contractor to avoid common mistakes and keep your holiday joy lasting all season long.

Use common sense

Above all, be safe! Always keep cords away from children, pets, or any other danger areas. Don’t install your lights on trees that come into contact with power lines. Do not use lights with cracked insulation or damaged cords. Make sure to turn off all of your lights at night or when you leave the house, and be sure to use a good, sturdy ladder when needed.

Use the proper outlet

Your power should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This type of outlet will shut down the circuit if it becomes overloaded by using too many lights (we’re looking at you, Clark Griswold). If you don’t have a GFCI outlet, call your local Greenwood electrician to have one installed.

Use extension cords appropriately

Keep extension cords away from high traffic areas where they could become damaged and pose a fire or shock hazard. Keep cord connections above snow, water, and ground and always be sure you’re only using outdoor cords for your outdoor lighting. Do not connect cords together; use the right length for the job. If you feel it’s necessary to have power in an area your cords don’t reach, call a licensed electrician to install a new outlet where you need it.

Christmas Lights

Choose waterproof LED lights for use outdoors

Always be sure you’re using lights that are rated for outdoor use when you’re decorating outside. Indoor lights used outside can pose a major fire hazard (just like extension cords). Choosing LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs can not only save money on your electric bill, but can reduce the chance of fires. Plus, they are much more durable because they’re made of epoxy lenses instead of glass.

Know the wattage of your lighting

Before you install lights, make sure you know how many watts your decorations require and how many watts are available in your home (if you don’t know, ask an electrician). Keep in mind that the lower the wattage, the lower the electric bill.

Call an Electrical Contractor

At Grounded Solutions, we want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday! From installing new outlets, to holiday lighting – if it runs on electricity, we can handle it. Grounded Solutions has been serving the Greenwood, Indiana area for over 15 years. Our dedicated, licensed electricians are the best in the business. For help installing your holiday lights, give us a call today or visit us here groundedin.com !

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Happy Holidays from Grounded Solutions!

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