Electrical Safety in the Pool

Looking to keep cool this summer by putting in a new pool? Or maybe you already have one? Either way, as with almost any larger home installation, there’s a few electrical things you’ll need to dive into before you can relax and enjoy the warm water. Here are 4 things you should consider to ensure you and your family are safe when enjoying the sun!

Recognizing Risks Electrical Safety In The Pool

Every pool owner, new or experienced, should know that not all pool electrical hazards happen under the water. If your breaker is tripping when you turn on the lights, jets and hot tub, there’s a good chance your system needs an upgrade. And if you utilize extension cords, be mindful of them lying in puddles or getting dragged into the water!

Lighting Issues

If your pool lighting seems to dim or flicker at times, it could be a sign of faulty wiring or even mold. This could point to a water leak, which isn’t an ideal situation when dealing with electricity. The best fix? Call a reputable electrician. Our team at Grounded Solutions is experienced in outdoor electrical issues and can get your pool safely running so you don’t miss a day.

Wiring Gone Wrong

If you smell and/or see burning or melting wires, that is an immediate signal to call an electrician. Whether you’ve had your pool for decades, or are installing it for summer, wiring issues with pool motors and in-wall lights can happen anytime. Be sure to routinely check your pool area’s wiring and lighting and remember, getting an electrical inspection is the safest way to ensure your backyard is fit for a summer of fun.

Pool Power

If you do run into any electrical disasters on the spot, such as dropping appliances or extension cords into the pool, make sure you know how to shut the power off and that there’s nothing blocking your path in an emergency.

We hope you stay safe in and out of the pool this summer! If there is any electrical issue you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, or if you just need an expert opinion, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team at Grounded Solutions is dedicated to keeping you and your home safe.

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