Extension Cord Safety 101

As a homeowner, you’re probably no stranger to using extension cords. But according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 3,300 residential fires are caused by extension cords each year. Whether it’s out in the garage for little projects here and there, or larger home renovations, there’s some safety tips to keep in mind next time you start to unwind that cord.  

When outdoors… 

If you’re going to use an extension cord outside, make sure it’s rated for outdoor use. It may come as a surprise to some, but not all are designed to withstand rain or snow. Double check next time you get the cord out in the backyard! Speaking of backyards… 

Watch your feet 

If you’re a pool owner, extension cords can create a few problems. Tripping hazards around concrete areas such as the pool pavement can be a danger to anyone, especially children. More importantly, water and electricity don’t mix! Make sure your extension cord isn’t accidentally pulled into the pool or lying in any puddles. Our recommendation: keep the two separate in the first place.   

Use when necessary 

Extension cords are not a permanent solution and can be an electrical fire risk if accidentally bumped into, tripped over or damaged. If you’ve had one lying around for some time, you may not have enough electrical outlets. Consider hiring a reputable electrician to install more wherever you need them in your home. 

Seek approval 

When purchasing a new extension cord, find one that has been approved by an independent testing laboratory. It can be tempting to go on Amazon and buy the cheapest you can find, but there’s a reason for the low price. When it comes to electrical, safety comes first.  

Follow these simple tips to help keep you and your home safe! And if there is anything you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, or if you need a thorough home electrical inspection, we’ve got you covered. 

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