Four Common Winter Electrical Woes

Winter weather is upon us, and while the falling snow may look pretty, chilly temperatures and winter storms can lead to some serious electrical problems. Heading off these issues and knowing what to look for to prevent them can help to ease your cold weather electrical fears. Here are some of the most common problems that can dull your winter: 

Circuit Breakers Tripping 

Running the heat constantly, using more lights when the sun goes down early, and overall heavy usage of electricity when everyone is cooped up inside can tax your already close to maxed out home circuit. Those fancy appliances you got for Christmas and the advanced electronics sure are convenient, but they utilize extra power that your circuit may not be able to handle. This could be why you’re constantly tripping circuit breakers.  

In order to reduce this problem, either space out when you are using these power-sucking devices, or have a professional increase the amount of electrical power in your home’s circuit. More power means less trips to the electrical panel! 

Maxed Out Electrical Systems 

Can your home keep up with the harsh winter weather? It takes a lot of electricity and a fully functioning electrical system to keep the hot air pumping when temperatures plummet. If yours isn’t in top shape, power outages can occur. This time of year, it’s vital to have a home inspection of your electrical system to ensure that everything is on the up and up.  

If you have a back-up generator, it’s also wise to have it inspected yearly. It will give you the peace of mind that you and your family will have power, even when storms knock it out. 

Storm Damage to Power Lines 

Snow and ice storms aren’t just dangerous for those traveling on the roads – they can also lead to fallen power lines. If the power lines to your house are ripped out, the electric company will need to determine if they are safe – then you need a professional electrical to reconnect the power to your home. Don’t ever try to touch or reconnect power lines to your home by yourself or you could end up getting quite the shock! 

Outdoor Lighting Issues 

Another problem that can spark up during the winter season has to do with damaged outdoor bulbs and light fixtures. If a light bulb is cracked, or if the fixture has damage, moisture can seep in. This could lead to flying sparks or, worse yet, fire. Do a thorough check of all your outdoor lights and replace or repair any that need to be spruced up.  

When you need professional help for anything having to do with your home’s electrical system, call Grounded Solutions. With decades of experience and a team of licensed, highly skilled electricians, we’re here to help keep your electrical woes away this season!

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