Reasons We Love USB Outlets

More and more, our society continues to rely on the use of smart technology. In fact, it’s pretty likely that you’re reading this blog on your phone or tablet right now. It’s also pretty likely that you’ve experienced the frustration of not having a wall adapter to charge your device. A USB cord without a wall adapter is as useless as a dead cell phone or tablet. As our use of smart technology grows, so does the popularity of USB power outlets.

Just like technology itself has evolved over the years, so has the type of outlets. First, homes used two-pronged outlets. Then, three-prong outlets became standard. Today, USB outlets offer an interesting and convenient development in home upgrades. Many new homes are already being built with USB outlets already installed. However, if you already own a home, you’re not out of luck! Your outlets can quickly and easily be upgraded by a local licensed electrician at Grounded Solutions. Here are just a few of the reasons we suggest upgrading your outlets to include USB power capabilities.

More Secure Charging Connection

The most common method of charging devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers is to plug in an adapter to a standard outlet. These are usually inexpensive and great for traveling, but they tend to be cheaply-made and fail easily. It’s not uncommon to plug a device into an adapter and come back hours later to find that it’s only fallen out of the wall, or the connections are wonky and it’s not charging at all. A USB wall connection is far more durable and offers a much more secure connection.

Usb Outlet

More Power

It is also common for people to charge their devices through a USB cord connected to a computer, especially if they don’t have a wall adapter handy. While this method may work, the connection only provides about 500 amps of power, and the charging is often slow. A USB wall outlet, on the other hand, is designed to handle a far larger amount of amps, so you can have your devices powered up much faster.

Doesn’t Block Up Other Outlets

We tend to charge our devices in areas where we may need other electrical devices or appliances plugged in at the same time: in the kitchen, by the bed, at our desks, and so on. If you put a USB adapter into one of the sockets, you (obviously) can’t use that socket for anything else. USB outlets, on the other hand expand your power options, so you’re not blocking up other outlets to be able to charge your device. Most USB outlets still offer the two three-prong socket, as well as two USB connections.


If you’re keen on design, minimalism, or just don’t like having cords, chargers, and adapters all over the place, you’re a good candidate for USB outlets. Your professional installed USB outlets will be smoothly integrated into your home’s design. The visual appeal of a USB outlet as opposed to adapters in every room of the home make USB outlets an excellent solution.


We saved the best for last, here. Convenience! USB ports make it so easy to charge your devices. No need to worry about moving an adapter from room to room, or juggling plugs around for your various devices. Just plug your device directly into the wall and you’re golden.

Curious about having USB outlets installed in your home?

Give us a call! Our licensed electricians would love to help you design a home as functional as it is beautiful. Get with the times and enjoy the convenience and reliability of USB outlets!