Why You Should Switch to Can Lighting

Thinking about installing new lighting in your home or business? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of options out there? With many different types of lighting fixtures to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what is best for your needs. One of the most popular services at Grounded Solutions is lighting fixture installation and wiring, and we have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners upgrade their lighting. 

From our experience over the years, one lighting type we find worth considering is can lights — commonly referred to a recessed lighting. As a flexible and functional piece of technology, can lighting has seen a continued increase in popularity for a variety of reasons. Here’s why we would recommend can lighting: 

They prevent eye strain 

If you spend quite a bit of time indoors or in front of screens, your eyes need a break from harsh lighting. Poor light quality, or certain lighting types, can cause discomfort to your eyes over time. The recessed feature of can lights allows them to be less abrasive and provide a more focused stream of light that better illuminates the area you’re in. Can lights can also be outfitted with a dimming feature so you can have even more control over your lighting levels. 

They make rooms look bigger 

Can lighting creates a “wall washing” effect that casts more light in your space. We strategically place can lights at specific distances to create overlapping, ambient light that makes rooms feel bigger and brighter. This type of lighting can be especially beneficial in spaces that need strong light, like your kitchen, home office or bathroom. Whether you’re doing cooking prep work, working from home or taking a shower, having can lights that do not create any lapses in lighting will make your day-to-day tasks easier and clearer. 

They prevent mishaps 

Whether you have small children who are tempted to grab onto dangling lights, family members that might bump their head on them or curious animals, can lighting eliminates the safety concerns that come with traditional lighting options. Additionally, having can lighting that is flush to your ceiling makes cleaning easier and less of a safety hazard. 

They allow you to better design your space 

No matter your aesthetic preferences, it is unlikely that can lighting will go out of style. You can strategically place can lights to highlight certain design elements of your home, like paintings, bookcases or antique displays. With less distracting lighting coming from your ceiling, can lighting also presents an opportunity to creatively transform different areas of your home with fun table and floor lamps. 

They can be used for indoor and outdoor use 

There’s no better deal than a multi-purpose type of lighting!  

We have installed can lighting in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you want to make your front door pop or highlight a specific part of your exterior, Razon is a popular type of can lighting that we work with for outdoor use. We can work with you to pick the best brands for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Remember: any time you want to upgrade your light fixtures, you need to call a licensed electrician. Our Grounded Solutions team would be honored to help you with your lighting needs! As reliable and knowledgeable electricians, we have the industry know-how and experience to install can lighting throughout your indoor or outdoor spaces. We will treat your home just like we would our own and provide you with the unmatched customer service you deserve.  

Give us a call at (317) 834-1922 and let us brighten up your space!  

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